This is

a digital space where I'm inviting you to peek through the screen
and step into my world of thoughts, observations, and experiences.
Imagine we're sharing stories over a cozy cup of tea,
and I'm about to spill the beans on the real, unfiltered layers of my life.

In a world that's all about patching up imperfections,
there's something truly captivating about the unpatched–
those raw thruths that bear the stamp of authenticity.
It's like finding a hidden gem in the midst of all the orchestrated perfection.

UNPATCHED isn't about covering up; it's about uncovering.
It's about peeling away the layers, taking off the patches, and getting a glimpse behind the scenes.
Whether it's the stitches that shape a fabric or the quirks that define us,
these are the threads that make us beautifully
I'm here to not let that fabric sit still.