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Angel Chen- a brand known for an experimental approach to design and colour, whilst fusing the elements of East and West. One of the main aims of the brand is to change the“Made In China” connotations of it being cheap and help create a new understanding of the creative and innovative strength of Chinese culture.


Imagine you are commissioned by Angel Chen and develop a proposal for a product and/or campaign involving fragrance for the brand.


The sense of smell is one of our most influential senses. It bypasses our intellect, therefore, odours have an immediate emotional impact unlocking a subjective dimension. This complex mix of dozens of chemicals can create favourable impressions, elevate mood, and work as a confidence boost.

The brand strikes the biggest chord with fashion-forward Millennials who have an appetite for the alternative. They are individuals with young hearts and bold personalities. But the influence of the pandemic?- Many express lacking confidence and describe their days as grey.

Approaching the time when we could go out again, Angel Chen being a bold and expressive brand could help with that, gifting a certain attitude and colours to the society. By combining this narrative and fragrance, a signifier of power, anyone can feel invincible and connected to the world. Perfumes can not only evoke strong feelings and memories but also help create new ones, helping adopting back to a normal lifestyle.

The big idea- to encourage post-pandemic self-confidence by framing new memories by scent and adding more colours to daily life. Chosen visual direction 'Fever Dream' was inspired by the modern landscape of Shanghai where the brand is based and it communicates a futuristic view of a transparent world full of colours.

Concept 'Fever Dream'


Right before the strike of the pandemic, a new concept of on-the-go scent was emerging with innovations like scented jewellery and cushion compacts. Busy lifestyles require compact and functional scent applications and for a post-pandemic lifestyle, this would be especially relevant. Angel Chen, being a streetwear brand, creates fashion for going out. The pieces are expressive and even daring and by combining that with the bright colours they are targeting the more extroverted part of society.

Sunglasses are an invention that the Inuits and ancient Chinese can take credit for and, historically, the first documented purpose was to conceal facial expressions from public view. Later on, affordable sunglasses were introduced to the public and gained popularity in America, especially among musicians, actors, and politicians, therefore, sunglasses also play a huge part psychologically. With nowadays technological advancements, a new concept of an on-the-go scent has appeared- scented sunglasses.

It would be an innovative approach to what the consumers of Angel Chen need whilst staying true to the brand’s identity. These sunglasses would not only encourage post-pandemic self-confidence when going out but also improve wellness as the person wearing them would be literally looking forward to the vibrant future through the colored lenses.
Angel Chen scented sunglasses collection would come in 5 colours- red, yellow, purple, orange, and blue-, each having its own scent. What makes this collection relevant to Angel Chen is not only the genderless and multicolor approach but also the challenged “Made In China” connotation. 
This collection would help to break that, proving China’s modern and high-quality technologica level. All sunglasses would be completely transparent and have a thick frame where the scent chemicals in microscopic spheres would be encapsulated.

Additional RTC: pop-up rooms with see-through windows and fragrance diffusers representing the emotions behind the sunglasses. Installed in China and the UK reaching both East & West.

Alternative concept 'Street Fighter
Alternative concept 'Angel-Pop'


“You have fused the traditions of East meets West to create a unique concept that demonstrates your unique point of view and creative abilities. You have merged AI, diversity, and self-expression to target the Angel Chen consumer. This contributes to your big idea statement centered around a positive message post-pandemic.
You have created a sophisticated narrative for the capsule collection of your sunglasses. This is underpinned by cultural theory and the semiotics associated with each colour, along with the emotive sentiment to support this viewpoint. Your campaign and pop-up room outcomes have been well executed to a mature and professional standard.”
- Nottingham Trent University Fashion Communication & Promotion course representative


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