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Marmite- an iconic British brand & nation's favourite breakfast spread, famously known for it's “love it or hate it” tagline and decisive flavour. Working with the award-winning creative PR agency W Communications.


Brand research has shown there is a generational 'hole' of people who have never tried it. The objective is to create a PR campaign which recruits Gen Z into the brand and to try Marmite, allowing them to generate their own opinion of the spread.  


After conducting a wide range of Gen Z research, we* found that Gen Z are stuck in isolation- the pandemic & technology have detached this generation from reality. Another habit that developed during the pandemic is Gen Z having the tendency to hide behind their screens through “socialising in bed”. All of this together has resulted in them seeking comfort in authentic connections and a recent (2022) study shows that Gen Z has been proven to be the loneliest generation. Engaging in real-life experiences, including dating in-person, has been identified as a way for Gen Z individuals to mitigate feelings of loneliness, which aligns with the Weiss Theory of Loneliness, where nurturance and a reliable alliance are a few of those needs that, if unmet, contribute to these feelings.

Gen Z has turned humour into a coping mechanism as well as using it to relate to one another, forming relationships. We propose an approach where Gen Z can establish these authentic connections and feel a sense of nurture whilst incorporating Marmite's sense of humour. Dating itself also encourages this generation to try new foods, as they are in an unfamiliar territory, it prevents discomfort and embarrassment of rejecting foods.
To quote a Gen Z indiviudal, “I think dating makes me try new things like, for example, when I go on a date, I don’t want to come across difficult so I would eat anything.”

Our concept direction: a collaboration between Marmite and Tinder in February, themed "Hot and Toasty"- it is all about getting cozy, flirty and getting your spread on. Both brands share a bold identity resonating with Gen Z, and by teaming up, they create a unique and playful parthership, leveraging Marmite's "love it or hate it" tagline to spark conversations and curiosity on the dating platform. This collaboration taps into Gen Z's authenticity cravings, making Tinder a more exciting experience whilst ensuring to drive fame for Marmite amongst young adults.


Marmite is at its core a breakfast product, and breakfast as a meal has much to offer when it comes to connecting with someone, especially with the concept of breakfast in bed. It is friendly, intimate, and something one only does with someone when that spark is there, either in a relationship or a friendship.
“Marmite x Tinder: Bed With a Spread”- our answer to get Gen Z to socialise more and to try Marmite while at it. It would be a month long campaign, where the main outcome would be multiple pop-up beds across the UK, celebrating Singles Awareness Day, where individuals would be able to get in bed with other Tinder members and enjoy a Marmite breakfast in bed.
Marmite has a history of following and creating campaigns based on celebratory days. This campaign would be relevant in the month of February due to the cultural phenomenon of Singles Awareness Day, which takes place on February 15th, right after Valentine's Day. This lesser-known observance humorously celebrates individuals who are single and encourages embracing one's own company while seeking meaningful connections.
February, beyond being the month of love, holds significance due to the prevalence of Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.). Amid lower moods and increased sadness during this period, the campaign can offer a timely and uplifting initiative. It playfully encourages cherishing oneself while actively seeking authentic connections, resonating with Gen Z's sentiments and providing a refreshing perspective post-Valentine's Day.

1: guerilla marketing [01.02.24.]

With the use of Guerilla marketing, a temporary pop-up installation that acts as a teaser for the main pop-up space. It grabs attention and builds anticipation, and is later replaced by th actual pop-up, creating a seamless and immersive experience. This generates excitement, drives participation, and sparks word-of-mouth promotion. Carefully chosen urban  locations, evenly spread across different cities to ensure broad reach and maximum impact.
An example mock-up in Nottingham, Old Market Square.

2: press release [01.02.24.]

A press release on Hypebae, for example, is an ideal way to reach Gen Z, given its previous coverage of platforms like Tinder and having a section on dating. Hypebae’s understanding of digital culture and ability to address topics relevant to this demographic makes it a trusted source for youth trends. Leveraging Hypebae’s reach, a press release can effectively capture the attention of Gen Z. Within the release, there would be the official announcement of the campaign- “Get ready to swip right on a cosy morning in bed with Marmite and Tinder.”

3: postering [03.02.24.]

Witty posters that resonate with Gen Z's sense of humour, replicating a traditional top text - bottom text meme format.

4: PR box [ 08.02.24.]

As a form of paid PR, a week before the experience, PR boxes to certain influencers would be sent out in the form of a breakfast tray, consisting of Marmite, cutlery, an invite, a handmate plate and a knitted placemat which replicates the blankets of the event.

5: Tinder invite [08.02.24.]

The official tickets for the main event would go live on February 8th and would be available exclusively through the Tinder app. Based on user location settings, the app would determine the nearest Bed With A Spread event. Integrated Marketing Communication- this partnership offers significant benefits to Tinder, as it creates a convenient experience for its users and encourages active engagement with the app. Moreover, it reinforces Tinder's position as a platform that goes beyond dating, providing added value and unforgettable experiences. The campaign generates buzz and increases brand visibility as users share their excitement, attracting new users and fostering a sense of community.

6: interactive pop-up event
[from 15.02.24.  to 18.02.24.]

During the event, attendees would have the opportunity to get their tickets scanned and join another Tinder user in one of the beds, where they can enjoy a shared Marmite breakfast meal. The meal would be presented to them in the form of a breakfast tray, resembling the PR boxes previously sent out, creating a delightful breakfast-in-bed experience.
With multiple beds available, the setting eliminates the pressure of being the sole focus and encourages more people to participate. The prospect of exploring a space filled with beds that resemble stacks of toast is undeniably intriguing, capturing the curiosity and interest of anyone walking by.
A mock-up of how it might look like in one of the locations- in Nottingham, Old Market Square.

7: #findyourface 

At the event, attendees would have their pictures taken while trying Marmite, capturing memorable moments. To sustain the excitement, these photos would be shared on Marmite's social media platforms with the hashtags #findyourface and #bedwithaspread.
This strategy would motivate participants to visit Marmite's social media pages, search for their own pictures, and share them with their networks. By utilizing the trending hashtag #findyourface, the campaign would generate significant earned PR and create a buzz on social media.
Exploring the options for the Tinder X Marmite jar
Behind the scenes of the scan in process of the mock-ups
*Credits for this project also go to MELISSA MORLEY, JASMINE PHILLIPS & GABRIELA SOUSA. 


“My favourite thing and whilst there is amazing creativity undoubtedly, what I love most about this is the insight. You have chosen not only a problem you want to solve for Gen Z which is always great, if we can solve a problem, and that is often where we start with our briefs, “What’s the problem we are solving”. And the fact that you have gone out and said “Well Gen Z are really lonely, how can we hel solve that” as a problem and that is fantastic to have that starting point. And then you had taken the insight and gone when is this culturally relevant. And then you have also gone away and sorted your S.A.D. days and Single Awareness, and February, and Valentines day, all of that.
So I think for me that is the strongest part of it because you really thought about the hooks, the cultural moments, the problem you want to solve, and how tha is going to help Marmite speak to the consumer they want to reach.The mock-ups ar great, I love the design element of it all, but I think for me that is something I really wanted to share in terms of what you have done really well and nailed in terms of the development of your idea. I think it is fantastic and I love all th different touchpoints that you got in terms of what it looke like online, what it looks like as a pop-up, what it looks like on social...” 
- Paige Hartley, Account Director at W Communications

“You really put the consumer at hear and I think that is really key to any campaign but you have really thought about them as the absolute centre of everything, and I think that just shines through really clearly. I think the fact that you are really trying to break down barriers of online dating is really, you know, the toast beds, and the fact that you want people to kind of share the love or hate of Marmite with each other. I think that just really shows that, you know, those little things that are really tricky with online dating with actually getting to know someone through the phone, you have really broken those down and thought about loads. The insights- I can really see that come through really clearly. I really like the fact that you thought about your timeline really clearly as well.

I think the fact that you have gone with the Singles Awareness Day after Valentines Day is really clever. You really captured when they are listening, when they need to hear from a brand like this for a bit of comfort and a bit of sort of, you know, some people love Valentines day, some hate Valentines day for different reasons but I think actually you really thought about your audience very clearly and when the need to hear from you as a brand and that is so key as a par of a campaign so I love that! Love the touchpoints, the tube stations, Tinder, the event, and again everything just links up really nicely with loads of touchpoints and the sort of seasonal moments that you looked at throughout the year are really clear as well. So, yeah, I actually love this!”
- Representative from Marmite

“Your commitment to this project cannot be questioned. You have thought about this project in its fullness and connected all of the dots together in terms of the campaign. Your work ethic and response to the feedback given throughout this brief is evident in both the thorough nature of your approach and the well visualised and presented work. Well done for all of your hard work.”

- Hollie Bellis, Senior Lecturer of Fashion Communication & Promotion at Nottingham Trent University


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