I am LAURETA LIEPINA, a XXII year old Fashion and Communications Creative from Latvia.

Since a young age, I have possessed the ability to stand up for my beliefs, and I think that pragmatism and critical examination of societal norms are vital in leading a fulfilling life. As a creative problem solver, I am committed to generating and being a part of innovative solutions that address the brutal reality of today for a better tomorrow. My personal manifesto is: hope for the best, plan for the worst.

Being very detail-oriented, I take great pride in my work and am dedicated to deliver high-quality results, even if it means spending extra time to get everything just right.

I thoroughly enjoy working digitally but when I am not hunched over my computer screen, I enjoy photography, which has helped me develop a keen eye for visual storytelling. I invite you to *click* & look at the world through my eyes.

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